Hatfield’s How-To’s:

These short video tutorials have been created by the inimitable Michael Hatfield, MIP Audio Production Guru. They are straightforward How-To’s to help you figure out what you need to do to interface with the digital world – creating, sharing, moving, finding, transferring, etc. – learning to meaningfully work with digital audio and video files.

We will be regularly adding more of these, so come back often and check out what’s new.  Contact Us and let us know if you have suggestions, comments, etc.

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How to save video settings on an iPhone

How to set and save video settings on your camera for your iPhone.

How to send and share an iPhone video to dropbox

How to take a video on your iPhone and send it to Dropbox and then share it with another party.

Shooting pre-roll and then your tune

Check out the “best practices” way to shoot pre-roll video on your phone leading into your tune.

Finding Dropbox on the app store on iPhone

How to find and install dropbox on the app store and get it started on your iPhone.

Creating a dropbox link on iPhone

How to create a dropbox link on your iPhone.

Sharing a Dropbox link on your iPhone

How to share a Dropbox link from your iPhone.

Moving an iPhone Video to Dropbox

How to move a video file from your iPhone into Dropbox for sharing with collaborators.

Beginning GarageBand Tutorial

Please enjoy this tutorial on GarageBand.

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